O'Sulloc Tea Making Class

  • by Garrett Kishaba
O'Sulloc Tea Making Class

Hello Everyone! My name is Garrett Kishaba, and I am a summer intern from Davis, California. I will be assisting Nicole and Bonica for about a month, working as a Marketing & Operations intern to help with Bonica's online Public Relations.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a traditional South Korean tea-making class at O'Sulloc Tea House in Bukchon, South Korea. It was an amazing experience learning about the various traditional teas made in South Korea and also being able to craft a few of my own blends. Additionally, I had the honor of meeting with Julie, one of Nicole's friends. Not only did Julie provide me with some history of South Korea, but she also gave me some valuable tips on navigating business culture and creating international connections. 

Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend this activity to anyone interested in learning more about South Korean culture and looking for a fun experience in South Korea. 




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