Melting Old Gold for New Jewelry

  • by Nicole Lee
Melting Old Gold for New Jewelry

It wasn't a favored idea to reuse old jewelry because customers still preferred shopping experiences with a 'brand-new' jewelry piece, especially from a fancy jewelry brand. On the jeweler's side, the whole process gets quite complicated involving back and forth conversations with a client and efforts to use old gold precisely with minimal loss. 

But the time now we are at tells us to take a good look at the environment, sentimental values, and craftmanship beyond the sparkle we see.

For 20 years no one wanted to re-design old jewelry until the recent 3~4 years when our clients started asking us about custom old with their old gold.

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It's such an exciting and touching experience to present a beautiful ring that's infused with sentimental memories of a client. Jewelry is not something born in a beautiful glass showcase or pretty drawing. They got to be blasted with intense heat, hammered down, and ground meticulously to shine. It's the sweat of a jeweler that brings a soul to the jewels but with your own story and memory, they are just incomparable with any other. 


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